We have designed a standardized in-house Train-The-Trainer Safety Training program for companies that have one location with more than 50 personnel.

With a standardized safety program in place each company location would then only need to include applicable jurisdictional requirements and work instructions unique to the applications at their location.

A standardized safety training program is a time efficient and cost effective way of ensuring the training provided is consistent throughout the company/organization.

A direct result of this method of safety training would be a measurable reduction in all related non-tangible costs, i.e. worker injuries, WCB rate increases, downtime due to misuse and abuse of equipment, costly repairs, loss of production, fines, lawsuits, etc.

Realistically these costs could easily be reduced by 10% or more per location, as cranes only breakdown when they are in high production.

Loss of production time alone can run into tens of thousands of dollars per hour, without taking inconsideration the cost of parts and repairs.