Courseware material content should be audited annually by an industry-expert professional engineer, to ensure compliance with the most current jurisdictional codes, regulations, and standards.

Safer work sites provide assurance that the safety training meets the minimum compliance requirements of all applicable national and international standards. In the event of an accident or injury these audits also reduce responsibility of liability for our clients, our instructors, and our company.

Proper safety training pays: When safety training programs and methodology are properly implemented and maintained, the company will realize a reduction of all applicable non-tangible costs, such as from accidents, injuries, unnecessary breakdowns due to misuse and abuse, insurance, worker compensation rates, and personnel-injury lawsuits. Loss of production time alone can run into tens of thousands of dollars per hour, without taking into consideration the cost of parts and repairs. Proper training will ensure a safer work environment for workers utilizing hoisting, rigging hardware, and material handling as part of their job tasks.