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overhead crane safety training

All Canadian Training Institute is one of the first safety training companies in North America to be “annually audited by an industry expert professional engineer”.

The main purpose of these audits is to ensure our training material content and safe-work practices are in accordance and compliant to the most current published applicable national and international standards. The audits also reduce responsibility of liability in the event of an injury accident for our clients and our instructors.

We pride ourselves to be the first company to offer an in-house “Train-The-Trainer” programs that are available for companies with over 50 workers or multiple locations worldwide.

Our safety training programs are standardized, and therefore, applicable across Canada and The United States. This provides a corporate office complete trace-ability and the assurance that the training is consistent in delivery throughout all locations.

ACTi is leading industry through change to safety training by “setting the industry minimum standard for training material content and delivery of safety training programs”.

When our safety training programs and methodology are properly implemented and maintained, your company could easily achieve a reduction of 10%, or more, of all applicable non-tangible costs in the first year, per location.

Judy Mellott-Green – CEO

Judy Mellott has over 25 years of experience in the crane industry, starting as a partner with Bill Green in a successful overhead crane inspection and maintenance company.

She is responsible for forming three industry committees, chairperson for two, which resulted in two “Industry Best Practices Bulletins” published by AWHS (OH&S) including two subsequent revisions. These practices are still current and are the industry minimum requirement in Alberta.

Judy is a CSA Standards member and active technical committee member on the CSA B167-96 Crane Standard and assisted with the revised CSA B167-08 Standard to be in compliance with ISO 4301 International World Standards for Cranes. 

She also participates as the CSA Member approved liaison on the ASME B30 Standards. She is a recognized ASME member and actively participates on sub-committees for chapters B30.11 and 17.

Judy has participated as a Task Force member on the NCCCO (National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators) certification program for overhead crane operators. As a direct result of her participation they changed the certification exam requirement to be applicable all overhead lifting equipment five tons and over.

Presently she works with AWHS (Alberta Workplace Health & Safety OH&S) assisting with revising the Codes and Regulations related to Cranes. Judy is a recognized writer for “Hoisting & Rigging” as well “Rigging Help column” for two international magazines “HOIST” and “OCH”.

What we provide

Training vendors/distributors

Our courses are available to Safety Trainers who would like to offer ACTi training to their own clients.

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Safety Training Programs

We are the industry’s preferred company for “Overhead Crane Hoisting, Rigging & Material Handling” safety training programs.

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Train The Trainer (Site)

The “Site Instructor” Train-The-Trainer Licencing program is for up to a maximum of four instructors.

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