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Professional Expert Engineer Audited

To ensure all course material content and practices are in accordance and in compliance, to the most current published applicable CSA and ASME standards. Reducing responsibility of liability, in the event of an injury accident or fatality for ACTi and our clients.

The Standard For Training Content & Delivery

Our training programs and methodology will reduce cost, increase production, but more importantly, keep everyone safe


We believe that business is not all about us, it is about our clients, and building a long and trusting relationship. We thrive to give the best possible services to meet their needs.


We offer a various safety products and services to ensure safe-work practices


Overhead Crane Operator with Hoisting, Rigging, and Material Handling

Safety training programs that provide necessary knowledge to operate safely in compliance with national and international standards 

Basic Rigging & Material Handling

Learn about different types of rigging equipment, how to perform visual inspections, hand signals, and load calculations

Basic Rigging and Material Handling with Mobile and Tower Crane Signals

Learn about different types of rigging equipment, how to perform visual inspections, hand signals and load calculations for mobile and tower cranes

Overhead Travelling Crane Supervisor Safety

This course was designed to provide Supervisors of Overhead Crane operators with the minimum industry training requirements to ensure safe and efficient operations.

The course focuses on providing the foundation for due diligence and meeting compliance requirements of ISO-9000QA.

"NEW" Safety Training Vendors Licence

This program is designed specifically for Safety Training Vendors” across Canada and the United States. This package contains ACTi’s Overhead Crane Operator course, together with two Rigging courses; “Basic Rigging & Material Handling Course” and “Basic Rigging & Material Handling with Mobile &Tower Crane Signals”, including our SUPERVISOR Course” designed in accordance to the principles of ISO 9000 Quality Assurance International Standards.

Further information provided on request.

"NEW" Distributor’s Licence

This licence is uniquely designed for companies providing in-house, on-site safety training for internal personnel and external clients/customers.

Train the Trainer Program

ACTi has several types of licencing Train-The-Trainer programs designed to fit industry’s, national and international needs. All of our courseware and material content is annually audited by an industry expert professional engineer ensuring compliance with the most current published applicable national and international standards.

These programs are uniquely designed for single site and multiple site locations, including NEW “SAFETY TRIANING VENDOR’S LICENCE”

We recommend utilizing internal HSE personnel, or supervisors as they are aware of the necessity for monitoring workers. This program can be easily customized to fit your needs.

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Online Courses Now Available

We are now offering our  Online Refresher Overhead Crane Operator with Hoisting, Rigging & Material Handling Course.

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ACTi Has Been Training For Over 28 years

All Canadian Training Institute INC. (ACTi) is one of the first crane safety training companies in North America to be “annually audited by an industry expert professional engineer.” 

We pride ourselves to be the first company to offer in-house “Train-The-Trainer” programs that are available for companies with over 50 workers or multiple locations worldwide. 





  • Due Diligence
  • Compliance
  • Competency
  • Standardized Training
  • Objective Evidence

Program Licencing Options

ACTi is among the industry preferred companies for “Overhead Crane Hoisting, Rigging & Material Handling” safety training programs. ACTi’s courseware material content is annually audited by an industry expert engineer. 

These audits assure our clients that ACTi material content is in accordance with the most current nationally and internationally recognized standards.

This is ACTi’s objective evidence of due diligence that, “we have done everything reasonably practicable” to ensure our safety training programs meet the minimum compliance requirements of these standards.

This helps reduce the responsibility of liability in the event of an injury accident for ACTi, our instructors, and our clients, in the event of injury or accident.

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Client Testimonials

“The trainers were excellent, extremely professional, knowledgeable, and created positive learning environments. I received nothing but positive feedback about all of the instructors.”

Michael S.

“[We are] extremely pleased with the services ACTi has provided. They are professional, personable, resourceful, and always willing to help meet our training needs. Thanks ACTi.”

Jennifer R.

“ACTi has been a tremendous help in getting our employees trained in the fall protection course. ACTi has excellent instructors who are enthusiastic, engaging, and very well informed of their subject matter.”

Mitchell P.

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