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Overhead Crane Hoisting, Rigging and Material Handling Course

Over two days, participants are required to attend of classroom instruction. Practical evaluation is a thorough hands-on testing of the skills learned in the classroom. The practical evaluation: is a very thorough evaluation as it is the only way we can determine if the participant comprehends what they learned in the theory. They must be able to perform all the functions of the operator, rigger, signaller, & perform a simple lift plan, all operational requirements, rigging the load, calculations, inspection rejection criteria, signals, etc. On completion they must have a minimum of 70% in both the *Theory and *Practical test to successfully complete the safety training.


Supervisor Course

This course teaches how to develop, document, implement and maintain the necessary requirements for worker competency on the jobsite. The prerequisite to this course is for the participants to successfully complete the 2-day operator course. Applicable management, supervisory, HSE personnel, supervisors, lead-hands, foreman, designated operators, etc) need to attend this training program as this is the only way they can properly develop, document, implement and maintain all the required processes and procedures to ensure competency of their workers on the jobsite. Meeting minimum compliance requirements of Federal of Bill-C45

Safety Training should be a “Cost Recovery” Not Just another “Cost Incurred”. If ACTi’s Operator/Supervisor safety program if properly implemented and maintained the company could realize a reduction in all related non-tangible costs in each shop by 10% to 15% or more in the first year. ACTi prides our training programs in that they are a “Cost Recovery not just another cost incurred”. If the company’s current safety training isn’t reducing costs and is not decreasing responsibility of liability, it might time to consider a change.
Course Outlines

Operator Course

Supervisor Course

Basic Rigging

Operator Refresher

Train the Trainer

Coming Soon – Basic Rigging and Material Handling for Mobile and Tower Crane Signalers