Licencing Options

Standardized Safety Training Programs

ACTi is an industry preferred safety training vendor for “OVERHEAD CRANE HOISTING, RIGGING & MATERIAL HANDLING” training programs. We are among the first to have our material content audited annually, by an industry expert engineer. These audits ensure our clients that ACTi materials are in accordance to the most current applicable published national and international standards. This is our objective evidence of due diligence that “we have done everything reasonably practicable” to ensure our safety training programs meet the minimum compliance requirements of these standards. As well as reducing responsibility of liability in the event of an injury accident for ACTi, our instructors and clients.

Introduction and Standardization

Site Instructor Train the Trainer Licence

The “Site Instructor” Train-The-Trainer Licencing program is for up to a maximum of four instructors. They are required to attend and successfully complete the above courses as participants prior to attending the T-T-T-program. In this course they are observed as the instructors.

Once this training is completed the company will need to designate one of the new instructors as a coordinator to work directly with ACTi. The monitoring process is the majority of a successful safety training program, as this is the only way the company can develop the required objective proof of due diligence for compliance to jurisdictional requirements.

This means it ensures they have done everything that is “reasonably practicable” to ensure worker and worksite safety, reducing responsibility of liability in the event of an accident or injury.

Lead Instructor Train the Trainer Licence

This package is designed specifically for large national or international companies/organizations that recognize standards listed on engineering certificates. Further information will be provided on request.

Expected results from ACTi’s safety training programs:

  • Properly trained overhead crane operators
  • Knowledgeable management/supervisory personnel to
  • Ensure continuance of the operators safe work practices
  • Cost recovery, reduction in all related costs
  • Traceability for the corporate office
  • Compliance to jurisdictional requirements
  • Reducing responsibility of liability to the company/supervisory personnel