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What Does ACTi Offer That Others Don’t?

Due Diligence

The only way to ensure a continuance of the safe-work practices taught to the workers is to train all personnel who have a responsibility for monitoring workers. It is very important for all HSE personnel to also attend as it will be of the greatest assistance with developing, documenting and implementing the necessary instructions for monitoring workers.

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ACTi’s safety training programs are among the first available in North America that meet the minimum compliance requirements for Bill C45 (Canada) and Federal OSHA Section “Cranes & Derricks” (USA) 2011 and CMAA Crane Operators Manual. ACTi has designed programming that follows the principles of ISO 9000 Quality Management systems. Due Diligence for compliance has been a major factor of ACTi’S safety training methodology since our inception in 1994.

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Objective Evidence

ACTI’s programming extends the Corporate H&S program “Training Element” to include instructions for all required inspections for start-up and shut-down of equipment. This lays the ground work to develop unique instructions applicable to each piece of equipment that requires a start-up, shut-down and is documented in a logbook. Training records, operator logbooks, maintenance inspections, internal audits, non-conformance reports and corrective action records are all part of required documentation in the event of an injury accident investigation.

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Industries main concern is the lack of being able to maintain internal safety training provided by an in-house program or external training provider. ACTi has designed safety training programs that teach how to develop, document and implement processes for continuously monitoring workers. With proper continuous supervision, the worker’s current work practices will become the safe-work practices learned. The final result is the worker that is competent in all related job tasks.

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Standardized Training

Standardization is fast becoming a major factor when considering safety training for multiple site organizations. Presently, it is common practice for large organizations to make each location independently responsible for selecting a training vendor to provide their safety training. There is no consistency and very little traceability for monitoring this method of training to the corporate office. Standardizing this safety training would ensure the training is delivered exactly the same at every company location in North America.

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What ACTi Offers That Others Don’t

Due Diligence Standardization

Training From the Top Down