20th Anniversary

working toward improving safer working conditions for those workers who operate overhead traveling lifting equipment, rigging hardware and material handling.

Development of a new “Basic Rigging & Material Handling Course with Mobile Crane & Tower Signals” for release Fall 2014


Complete product update and release of Basic Rigging Course for those who do not operate the Overhead Crane.


In 2011 ACTi was instrumental with introducing the “Canadian Hoisting & Rigging Safety Council” to Industry at the CRC EVENT September 2011. This council has been developed by industry interested parties for all industries that utilize all types lifting equipment, rigging hardware & material handling.

This council is working toward safer work practices for these trades by harmonization of required provincial exams and by standardization of the “Cranes & Rigging sections” of the OH&S Regulation’s for all provincial jurisdictions to adopt.


In 2010 ACTi’s CEO became CSA’S Recognized Liaison by ASME B30 Standards committee.


In 2009 ACTi applied and became a Member of ASME B30 crane safety standards and currently participates on sub-committees/conferences to ensure the document standards being developed is applicable in Canada.


ACTi was instrumental in bring industry back to the table in 1999 to develop another industry “Best Practice” for the “Guidelines for Safety Training of Overhead Crane Operators and Supervisors”.

The intent of this guideline was to provide end users of this equipment with a tool that would enable them to choose a proper safety training vendor. This also has served as a guideline for minimum material content for those designing these safety training programs.

This practice has become the minimum requirement in Alberta and is still recognized today. Also a referenced document in CSA B167-08- Over head Crane Standards.


In 1997 ACTi became a Canadian Standards Member (CSA) and participated on the revision of the CSA B167-Overhead Crane Standard and to date still actively participate on revision of these standards (currently CSA B167-08).


In 1994 ACTi was the first safety training company in Alberta to bring industry to the table with Alberta Occupational Health & Safety to develop an industry “Best Practice” guideline “Overhead Cranes – Guidelines for Preventive Maintenance and Safe Operations of Overhead Lifting Equipment”.

This guideline also included the minimum requirement for technical personnel who perform these inspections and repairs for overhead traveling lifting equipment.

It is required for them to be journeymen electricians with a millwright background and is today the minimum recognized practice in Alberta.